Our Facilities Management Software - Scalable Solutions!

Cadapult FM offers easy-to-use, low priced software that may be purchased as individual modules or an entire suite, which can be installed on your server or hosted from ours. We implement your customized choices in less than a month.
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Sustainable Solutions!

Determine the environmental impact of your facilities and operational performance. Set realistic sustainability goals, develop a green strategy, measure the progress of your action plan, and discover hidden savings.
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More Info / PDF Brochure AutoCAD / Revit Integrator
Manage space, personnel, and assets more efficiently through seamless database integration. Generate numerous graphic queries and reports and integrate with other FM modules and internal systems. Take advantage of building information modeling (BIM) in managing your facilities with the same functionality of AutoCAD, only now through the 3-D modeling of Revit.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Asset and Inventory Manager
Track your assets and assign them to locations within your buildings. Generate detailed and summary reports. Carry out complex asset moves in a timely, more efficient manner.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Floor Plan & Report Viewer with Data Editor
Communicate and manage unlimited data on space personnel, and assets throughout your company view vacancies, cost centers, and other graphic queries without AutoCAD or Revit and generate standard and/or customized reports.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Move Manager
Streamline the workflow process for effective single and domino move management with automatic conflict resolution and department notification. Access move requests, approvals, schedules, vacancies, in-process work orders, and closed work-orders history.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Daily & Facilities Request Manager
Requester, Managers, and Technicians can process Daily maintenance requests in few simple steps. Improve overall maintenance operations through priority status assignment, response time tracking, and accurate cost analysis.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Preventative Maintenance Manager
Plan and budget for ongoing maintenance cost and activities to avoid costly repair. Create single and recurring tasks to process work-order and track parts and labor more efficiently.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Lease & Real Estate Manager
Manager real-estate portfolios more efficiently so that you can make better business decisions, mitigate risk, and enhance communication and performance. Tenant and real-estate service providers can view critical data anytime and anywhere over the web.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Facilities Assessor
Survey, assess, and locate deficiencies in your facilities' architectural and engineering systems. Prioritize projects and costs; plan for corrective measures.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Room Scheduler
Schedule meeting facilities that accommodate your specific requirements Request single or recurring event, room layout reconfiguration, and audio-visual coordination. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Data Center Manager
Track and report on data center components, rack locations, electrical usage, system capacity, and BTU output.
More Info / PDF Brochure Web Emergency Preparedness
Be prepared so that you can respond to and recover from natural or man-made disasters. Centralize critical information for emergency personnel to perform rescue, recovery and other field operation tasks.