Software for Managing Pharmaceutical Facilities

Streamlining operational efficiency with Web based CMMS solutions and more

Pharmaceutical companies face numerous mission-critical issues affecting the day-to-day operations of their facilities. Maintaining maximum operational efficiency and continuity of operations is essential as a lapse in manufacturing production capability for even an hour may create great losses in company revenue. Adherence to a proper scheduled maintenance program for HVAC and power systems is crucial as the annual cost of energy can easily equal the installation cost of these systems.

Managing and reporting on regulatory and compliance issues also constitute key roles for the facility managers. Information at your fingertips is indispensible for tracking accurately the history of regular cleaning, maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment and building systems.
The Cadapult FM easy-to-use web applications have the suitable tools to address all levels of your CMMS needs and track important current and future tasks, as well as past history reports for the various personnel levels, including technicians, management, and administration.

In addition, the integrated tools for space and personnel management, facility assessment, emergency preparedness, web-based floor plan views with mechanical, electrical and plumbing information, and other tools can assist facility managers within today's pharmaceutical industry to streamline operational efficiency and effectively manage and coordinate site and building activities.