Software for Managing Corporate Facilities


In today's ever-changing world, maintaining efficient and cost-effective building operations is a widely recognized necessity. However, the challenges that you face as a facilities manager can be numerous. Space, personnel, and asset management; on demand maintenance requests; and access to accurate, up-to-date floor plans are just a few examples. Decreased staff and budgeting resources only magnify these difficulties.

Cadapult FM can provide you with a turnkey solution to improve your company's workflow and reduce building operation costs. Choosing from a suite of over a dozen modules, you easily achieve the following benefits:
  • Assess infrastructure needs and costs.
  • Streamline operations, communications process, and workflow.
  • Track the lifecycle of your equipment, assets, facilities and overall infrastructure.
  • Mitigate risk with handy What-if Scenarios.
  • Eliminate equipment downtime.
  • Assure regulatory compliance.
  • Establish a self-service environment through easily accessible web forms.